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Introduction to Pistol Course

(formerly – Precision Pistol):

This course can increase the marksmanship of ANY shooter, but is primarily aimed at novices and any shooter with no previous formal training. The course will familiarize the student with both semi-auto handguns and revolvers, includes live firing on Hnatiuk’s indoor range under the guidance of top-notch instructors.
This course is unique and different from the Level l & Level ll handgun courses we offer. Unlike the Level l & ll handgun courses which prepares the student for combat type shooting that is expected in IPSC competitions and law enforcement usage, the Introduction to Pistol course introduces and prepares the student for a more recreational style shooting, this includes techniques used in Olympics competitions, one handed shooting and includes the lower .22 caliber handguns. A course everyone in your family may enjoy.

Maximum 8 Students – 7 Hours – $125.00 + HST

Origin & History
Precision Shooting Today
Conscious & Subconscious Mind
One Handed Grip – Trigger Finger Control
Off Hand/Weak Hand
Sight Picture – Target Acquisition
The Lift – Stance
Live Firing (Range Time)