Holster Course, Saturday, June 1st, 2024, 5pm-10pm

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This is a nationally recognized firearms course, underwritten by the National Firearms Association (NFA), for the safe and legal use of a “loaded” handgun from the holster. 
The course allows you to use a loaded, holstered firearm on any range insured via the NFA. 
A large percentage of modern pistol competitions use holsters and there are only two possible qualifications, which are the NFA and the IPSC Black Badge course. The Black Badge course requires considerable previous holster knowledge before taking.

Maximum 8 Students – 5 Hours – $145.00 + HST. 4-5 hrs

  • NFA certified course
  • Live shooting from holster
  • Live drawing & holstering tech.
  • Cadence firing & target acquisition
  • DA, SA and safe action tech
  • 40% Classroom – 60% Range
  • 250 rounds of ammunition is required (must be center fire)
  • Must have 3 magazines
  • If you do not have a firearm, we will provide you with one

National certification requires a membership with NFA