Taxidermy Price List


These are the prices for our most common mounts. For all other mounts & taxidermy work please contact our Retail Outlet for pricing or email

Commercial Head Mounts include:

Competition forms, Top quality eyes, Hides tanned at a professional tannery, 20 year guarantee, free 5 year clean, check and touch-up (if required).

For Repairs & Specialized Custom Taxidermy Work, etc… $60.00/hour

Plaques & Driftwood Driftwood for Bird and Fish Mounts $10.00

Log Plaque various sizes $40.00 to $130.00.

Head/Shoulder Mounts

 *12 months processing time

Replacement Deer Cape  $150.00

Buck/Doe Full Shoulder Mount  $600.00

Pedestal Shoulder Mount  $675.00

Bull Moose Shoulder Mount   $1450.00

Cow Moose Shoulder Mount  $1275.00

Caribou Shoulder Mount  $1150.00

Bison Shoulder Mount  $1800.00

Black Bear Shoulder Mount Open Mouth  $650.00

Black Bear Shoulder Mount Closed Mouth  $600.00

Antler Mounts

*Prices Include Log or Shield Plaque

*Up to 12 months processing time

Deer Antlers  $135.00

Moose Antlers (small, under 32″)  $175.00

Moose Antlers (Medium, 33″- 39″)  $220.00

Moose Antlers (Large, 40″- 47″)  $350.00

Moose Antlers (Extra large 48″+)  $375.00

Caribou Antlers  $250.00

European Skull Mounts:

Deer on Plaque  $475.00

Moose/Steer/Bison/Caribou Etc on Plaque  $750.00

Black Bear on Plaque  $450.00

Moose/Steer/Bison Caribou etc NO PLAQUE   $600.00

Wolf/Coyote/Fox/Bobcat etc NO PLAQUE   $175.00

Weasel/Mink/Squirrel etc NO PLAQUE  $125.00



*Does not include base

*12 months processing time.

Ducks Small – Teals etc.  $250.00

Ducks Medium – Blacks – mallards  $275.00

Ducks Large – Eiders   $300.00

Geese (Standing)  $475.00

Geese (Flying)  $725.00

Pheasant/Grouse/Partridge  $250.00

Miscellaneous Birds (Blue Jay,Crow,Robin etc)   $250.00

Small Owls & Hawks Small (Sawet/Kestrel/Sharp etc  $250.00

Large Owl & Hawks (Barred/Horned/Red-Tail etc)  $350.00

Osprey   $450.00

Eagle (Standing)   $650.00

Eagle (Flying)  $750.00

Eagle Head (On Rods)   $250.00

Eagle Wings/Tails for Fans   $85.00 each

Eagle Feathers Plucked   $60/hour

Turkey (Standing)  $750.00

Turkey (Flying)   $850.00

Turkey Tail *On plaque  $175.00

Turkey Feet *On plaque  $85.00

Turkey Beards Cleaned   $60/hour

Turkey Tail, Beard & Feet *On plaque   $400.00

Turkey Tail & Beard (No Feet *On plaque  $325.00


*Fish will be mounted with best side showing on basic hanging habitat.

*12 months processing time

Minimum charge for very small fish or lobster or turtle etc is $200.00

Skin Mount (Most common mount) Cost per inch $20.00

Fiberglass reproductions (local species) Cost per inch $25.00

Lobster Measured tip of extended claw to end of tail Cost per inch $22.00


*Includes Head Insert, Single Border & Backing

*Full Head Mount & Single Felt Border 12 months processing time.

*Note: For head insert but no backing or border/reduce price by $150.00

*For Double border – Add $150.00

*Other Full Body or Half Body Mounts 10 to 12 months processing time.

Black Bear Open mouth $15.00 per inch

Black Bear Closed mouth $14.00 per inch

Bear Hide – no head, legs or border – with backing & border $625.00

Polar Bear (Open Mouth or Closed Mouth) $18.00 per inch

Polar Bear Bleaching $250.00

Wolf (Closed Mouth) $800.00

Wolf (Open Mouth) $900.00

Coyote/Bobcat/Lynx?Fox etc $775.00

Coyote Full Head rug & Single Felt Border Closed mouth $750.00

Mounted Deer $1200.00

Lifesized & Half Life Sized Mounts

*Basic Base Included

*12 months processing time

Deer $2800.00

Black Bear Half Mount Closed Mouth $920.00

Black Bear Cub Closed Mouth (Add $100 for Open Mouth) $1500.00

Black Bear Full Body Mount Closed Mouth 40″-50″ (Add $100 for Open Mouth) $2000.00

Black Bear Full Body Mount Closed Mouth 51″-55″ (Add $100 for Open Mouth) $2500.00

Black Bear Full Body Mount Closed Mouth 56″-65″ (Add $120 for Open Mouth) $3000.00

Black Bear Full Body Mount Closed Mouth 66″-78″ (Add $120 for Open Mouth) $4000.00

Black Bear Full Body Mount Closed Mouth 79″ and up (Add $130 for Open Mouth) $6500.00

Polar Bear Full Body Closed Mouth (Add $200 for Open Mouth) $8000.00

Coyote Full Body Closed Mouth (Add $100 for Open Mouth) $1200.00

Wolf Full Body Closed Mouth (Add $120.00 for Open Mouth) $1350.00

Fox Full Body Closed Mouth (Add $100.00 for Open Mouth) $800.00

Bob Cat Full Body Closed Mouth (Add $100.00 for Open Mouth) $825.00

Raccoon Full Body Closed Mouth $695.00

Weasel Full Body Closed Mouth $365.00

Groundhog Full Body Closed Mouth $495.00

Beaver Full Body Large(tooth showing) Closed Mouth $750.00

Otter Full Body Closed Mouth $825.00

Fawn Newborn (laying standing position) $1250.00

Throw Rugs

*Just Tanned

*12 months processing time

Black Bear Back Half $375.00

Black Bear Throw rug – (Complete Hide with Head & Paws) $675.00

Bear Hide (No Head or Paws) $450.00

Deer (Complete Hide with Head & Feet) $600.00

Deer (Just Hide with or without tail) $425.00

Deer Back Half (Just Hide with or without tail) $250.00

Moose (No Head, No Legs) $1200.00

Moose Back Half $450.00

Caribou (No Head, No Legs) $650.00

Caribou Back Half $300.00

Coyote Throw rug (Hide with Head & Paws) $275.00

Coyote Throw Wall Hanger, No paws $150.00

Wolf (Hide with Head & Paws) $475.00

Wolf Wall Hanger, No paws $250.00

Lynx/Bobcat/Fox/Otter (Hide with Head & Paws) $300.00

Lynx/Bobcat/Fox/Otter Wall Hanger, No Paws $150.00

Beaver Flat Skin (No Head/Paws/Tail) $275.00

Mink (Complete Hide with Head & Paws) $300.00