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Welcome to Hnatiuk’s Specialty Firearms courses!


All of the firearms courses in this section have been specifically designed by our in-house Chief Firearms Instructor to meet the needs of the pistol shooting community. Here at Hnatiuk’s we have courses that will benefit both the novice and the experienced shooter alike. If you have any questions about the courses offered here at Hnatiuk’s please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hnatiuk’s Chief Instructor, Mr. Peter Eliot, is responsible for the safe use of firearms, both as it relates to the Federal Firearms training courses and Hnatiuk’s specialty courses. The Firearm courses offered by Hnatiuk’s have all been developed by Peter and are based on internationally recognized marksmanship principles.

Mr. Eliot has amassed considerable experience during his lengthy and varied career as an instructor around the world and as a member of the Armed Forces of Great Britain. His career has included:

  • 15 yrs in the British military, sniper, operational in several conflicts around the world. Eight years in British Special Forces;
  • 5 years as a police officer and a “sharpshooter” in a “Tactical Firearms Team”
  • Firearms instructor in 76 countries teaching Police, Military and civilians; Master hunting instructor, in the UK, Germany, South Africa and Zimbabwe;
  •  Hnatiuk’s chief DNR hunter education instructor;
  • National instructor in the UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun in IPSC competitions;
  • IPSC Range Officer in Canada;
  • Developed The National training curriculum for Canada’s “NFA” for both Range Safety Officers and the use of a
  • Holstered, loaded handgun in competition;
  • Professional Ballistician and has taught reloading ammunition, both for hunting and target shooting;
  • Written four books and dozens of magazine articles relating to ballistics and the tactical use of firearms; and
  • Expert witness for the Crown specializing in “Exterior and terminal ballistics”.