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Welcome to Hnatiuk’s Specialty Firearms courses!

All of the firearms courses in this section have been specifically designed by our in-house Chief Firearms Instructor to meet the needs of the pistol shooting community. Here at Hnatiuk’s we have courses that will benefit both the novice and the experienced shooter alike. If you have any questions about the courses offered here at Hnatiuk’s please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hnatiuk’s Chief Instructor, Mr. Peter Eliot, is responsible for the safe use of firearms, both as it relates to the Federal Firearms training courses and Hnatiuk’s specialty courses. The Firearm courses offered by Hnatiuk’s have all been developed by Peter and are based on internationally recognized marksmanship principles.
Mr. Eliot has amassed considerable experience during his lengthy and varied career as an instructor around the world and as a member of the Armed Forces of Great Britain. His career has included:

  • 15 yrs in the British military, sniper, operational in several conflicts around the world. Eight years in British Special Forces;
  • 5 years as a police officer and a “sharpshooter” in a “Tactical Firearms Team”;

See more of Mr. Eliot's Qualifications Here!

Firearms instructor in 76 countries teaching Police, Military and civilians; Master hunting instructor, in the UK, Germany, South Africa and Zimbabwe;

 Hnatiuk’s chief DNR hunter education instructor;

National instructor in the UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun in IPSC competitions;

IPSC Range Officer in Canada;

Developed The National training curriculum for Canada’s “NFA” for both Range Safety Officers and the use of a

Holstered, loaded handgun in competition;

Professional Ballistician and has taught reloading ammunition, both for hunting and target shooting;

Written four books and dozens of magazine articles relating to ballistics and the tactical use of firearms; and

Expert witness for the Crown specializing in “Exterior and terminal ballistics”.


Introduction to Pistol Course (formerly – Precision Pistol):

This course can increase the marksmanship of ANY shooter, but is primarily aimed at novices and any shooter with no previous formal training. The course will familiarize the student with both semi-auto handguns and revolvers, includes live firing on Hnatiuk’s indoor range under the guidance of top-notch instructors.
This course is unique and different from the Level l & Level ll handgun courses we offer. Unlike the Level l & ll handgun courses which prepares the student for combat type shooting that is expected in IPSC competitions and law enforcement usage, the Introduction to Pistol course introduces and prepares the student for a more recreational style shooting, this includes techniques used in Olympics competitions, one handed shooting and includes the lower .22 caliber handguns. A course everyone in your family may enjoy. Candidates for this course will require a .22 calibre pistol and approximately 250 rounds of ammunition. If you do not own a firearm, Hnatiuk’s can provide one from our rental fleet.

Maximum 8 Students – 7 Hours – $125.00 + HST

Origin & History
Precision Shooting Today
Conscious & Subconscious Mind
One Handed Grip – Trigger Finger Control
Off Hand/Weak Hand
Sight Picture – Target Acquisition
The Lift – Stance
Live Firing (Range Time)


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 LEVEL 1: Advanced Pistol

shooterThis course teaches the techniques and principles required to operate a handgun safely and efficiently. The old saying “He couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn” is absolutely true of any shooter who doesn’t fully understand these principles!
The course has proven to be very useful for both novices and experienced students. We have trained many individuals who had previous knowledge and ALL of them said that they learned skills which they had previously not known, or were not aware of their importance.
The course (on average) reduces a shooter grouping by up to 50%!

Candidates for this course will require a centrefire pistol, matching holster, a belt mounted magazine pouch, at least three magazines and approximately 250 rounds of ammunition. If you do not have a suitable firearm and accessories, Hnatiuk’s can provide from within our rental fleet.

Maximum 8 Students – 7 Hours – $125.00 + HST

  • Sighting Techniques
  • Body Posture
  • Load – Unload
  • Surprise Break
  • Know Your Handgun
  • Sight Picture
  • Target Placement
  • Basic Cleaning
  • Grip (One & Two hands)
  • Malfunctions
  • DA, SA, Safe Action DA/SA
  • Revolver vs Auto
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Thank you to Peter and Michel for a great course (Level 1 Advanced Pistol).  Had a lot of fun and learned a great deal from two very experienced instructors.  Highly recommend this course! Joe Richards I would never use a handgun until I took this course. Invaluable! I will tell everyone to take this course!” Shelley Touesnard I now know how to pick up and use my gun and not afraid to come to the range!” Keri LaViolette



 LEVEL 2: Advanced Pistol Course

(Can only be taken after Level One Pistol and the Holster course)
This course takes all of the knowledge learned in previous courses and refines it as a “Martial Art”! The use of a handgun is NOT an instinctive muscular skill. The reflexes and muscular tension used have to become a “Trained Reflex”.
This course trains the student how to use the subconscious mind and reflexive muscular actions to shoot a handgun quickly and accurately in “fire with movement” scenarios. This form of shooting is common in modern pistol competition.
You will be trained how to safely shoot while moving, shooting weak handed, shooting around cover and in low or no light conditions!

Candidates for this course will require a centrefire pistol, holster, magazine pouches, at least three magazines and approximately 400 rounds of ammunition. If you do not own a suitable firearm and equipment, Hnatiuk’s can provide one from within our rental fleet.

Maximum 8 Students – 7 Hours – $195.00 + HST

  • Compressed Surprise Break
  • Weak Hand Techniques
  • Double Taps
  • Cadence Fire, Bullet Placement
  • Target Acquisition (Swing vs Thrust)
  • Tactical Reloads
  • Barricades
  • Moving Targets
  • Speed Reload, Moving Reload
  • Night & Low Light Firings
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So, Tonight my husband Gerry and I, completed the Level 1 Pistol Course. A special Thank You To our instructors Peter Eliot, Michell and of course Hnatiuk`s (Scotia Gun Club). Thank you for your professionalism, patience, and some Good Laughs. Well worth the Time and Money. Thanks Guy`s.
Sandra Cromwell



 Holster Course

This is a nationally recognized firearms course, underwritten by the National Firearms Association (NFA), for the safe and legal use of a “loaded” handgun from the holster.
The course allows you to use a loaded, holstered firearm on any range insured via the NFA.
A large percentage of modern pistol competitions use holsters and there are only two possible qualifications, which are the NFA and the IPSC Black Badge course. The Black Badge course requires considerable previous holster knowledge before taking.

Maximum 8 Students – 6 Hours – $125.00 + HST

  • NFA certified course
  • Live shooting from holster
  • Live drawing & holstering tech.
  • Cadence firing & target acquisition
  • DA, SA and safe action tech
  • 40% Classroom – 60% Range
  • 250 rounds of ammunition is required (must be center fire)
  • Must have 3 magazines
  • If you do not have a firearm and holster we will provide you with one from our rental fleet.

National certification requires a membership with NFA

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 Advanced Firearms Training Package

This package combines all three of our most popular advanced courses
into a single training package. Shooters have the option of signing up for
our Advanced Level 1 Pistol, NFA Holster Certification, and Advanced
Level 2 Pistol courses all in a single package at a much reduced price
over the cost of taking the courses individually. The package has been
designed so that shooters have sufficient time in between the courses to
practice their new skills and become proficient in them before taking the
next level course. The three courses will run in the order of Level 1,
Holster and then Level 2. The courses will be separated by one month.

Maximum 8 Students – $345.00 + HST

  • Advanced Level 1 Pistol
  • NFA Holster Certification
  • Advanced Level 2 Pistol
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Corporate Specialty


Designed to YOUR needs – contact us for a quote. At Hnatiuk’s we will design a firearms course to accommodate your special needs. Security Guards – Militia – Enforcement, etc, You tell us what to include and we’ll design the curriculum to meet your requirements.



  • Familiarization of various types of handguns & long guns
  • Proper lubrication
  • Clearing Jams
  • Stripping, cleaning, reassembling and firing the make of the firearm unique to your work
  • Proper door entry
  • Barricades

IMG_4536Re-loading Ammunition

Maximum 8 Students – 3 Hours – $75.00 + HST

  • Loading of Center fire rifle and pistol ammunition
  • Types “RN, SP, HP, Conical, BT, and FB, etc
  • Difference between loading for hunting or target rounds
  • Different loading presses and dies
  • How to get the most accuracy
  • Powder types and burn
  • Primer types and uses
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Range-Officer-EditedRange Safety Officers (RSO) Course

Maximum 8 Students – Cost $150 – Time: 8 Hours Course Covers

  • Range Inspections
  • Briefings
  • Range Commands
  • Malfunctions
  • RSO Equipment
  • Immediate Actions
  • Range Construction
  • Action Range Layouts
  • Examinations

Graduates attain the National Firearms Association RSO Certification

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ArcheryArchery Class

Maximum 5 Students – 3 Hours – $50.00 + HST

  • Introduction to archery
  • History of the bow and arrows
  • Types of archery equipment
  • Eye dominance
  • Shooting technique
  • Safety
  • Archery terms
  • Proper Form
  • One-on-one instruction on proper shooting technique and safety
  • Opportunity to do lots of shooting!!!
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Firearms Maintenance & Cleaning

Maximum 6 students – 3 Hours – $75 + HST All firearm types

  • Cleaning &: Storage
  • Pre-Shooting preparation
  • Post-Shooting care
  • Strip & Assembly
  • Solvents & Oils
  • Lead vs jacketed
  • Stainless vs Blued oil types
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VIP Non-Restricted Course

Maximum 8 Students – 8 Hours – $150.00 + HST This is the Federal rifle & shotgun course that’s required to obtain your “Non-Restricted” PAL certification, however with many VIP extras, i.e

Live Firings of a rifle & shotgun

One on One instruction to properly load, aim, fire and unload files and shotguns




VIP Restricted Course

Maximum 8 Students – 8 Hours – $150.00 + HST This is the Federal handgun course that’s required to obtain your ‘Restricted’ PAL certification, however with many VIP extras, i.e.

Live firing of various makes and caliber hand guns

One on one instruction to properly load, aim, fire and unload all types of hand guns.