pa_for_websiteThe Man Himself: Jim Hnatiuk

Jim has extensive life experience in the management of the Hunting, Fishing, Firearms and Training sectors.

Jim’s vision to work within the hunting industry had him establish in six short years, one of the largest sports and taxidermy centers in Nova Scotia. His unique store now stands out as a showcase and landmark in the Nova Scotia.

Throughout his life, Jim has had extensive experience in the hunting and fishing world.  As a NS Field Officer with the National Firearms Association, and a specialty Wildlife Instructor, for the Professional Nova Scotia Guides, Jim has enjoyed the many years of Whitetail Deer and Moose Hunting in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Jim took top positions in Stripped Bass competitions held on Grand Lake N.S.FullSizeRender

He is a 41-year veteran taxidermist; his business currently does the largest amount of taxidermy in Nova Scotia. Hnatiuk’s expertise in taxidermy has been used by, and continues, to ship to customers in USA, England, France, Sweden, Germany and more!




 Eugenia (Nina) Dickie

Eugenia Dickie of Eugene Oregon, has been a North American & African Taxidermist for over 10 years.  Instructed by World Champion Master Taxidermist R.J. Simington, Eugenia has mounted several species from Elk, Bears and Mouflon, to Springbok, Impala and Kudu.

She has been practicing all mediums of art since she was six years old.  Her real love is taxidermy and continues to strive for perfection with every piece she does.  DSCF6978

Please stop in and meet Nina, our Main Taxidermist here at Hnatiuk’s Taxidermy Studio!

 Paula Garden-Cole

Paula Garden-Cole, of Nova Scotia,  has been a an Artist all her life.    Paula loves the outdoors, gardening and is an avid bird watcher.  She was trained by Professional Taxidermist, Jim Hnatiuk in Bird Taxidermy and has shown great skill in mounting birds of all species! Her attention to detail and her love for all things artistic makes her the #1 Bird Taxidermist at Hnatiuk’s Taxidermy Studio.  Take a look at some of her work in the Gallery!