Welcome to Hnatiuk’s Big Buck Contest 2016!


There are some great prizes to be won this year!


Special Archery Season:

  • 1st prize: Diamond Edge SB1 Compound Bow
  • 2nd prize: Under Armor Hoody
  • 3rd prize: Bag Target 




Archery & Muzzle Loader Season:

  • 1st prize: CVA Cammoflage Accura Nitride Barrell .50 Cal with Scope 
  • 2nd prize: CVA Wolf .50 cal.in Black/Blue
  • 3rd prize: Under Armor Hoody




General Season:

  • 1st prize: Savage Model 110 308 combo with scope
  • 2nd prize: TCA Venture 30-06
  • 3rd prize: $300 Hnatiuk’s Gift Certificate
  • 4th through 6th prize: Under Armor Hoody


 Any bucks scoring over 130 points that do not win one of the major prizes will still receive a Hnatiuk’s “Well Done” Consolation Prize!


Contest Rules:

The Special Bow Hunt contest will start on the first day of the early bow season and end at sundown the last day of early bows eason.

Note: The late bow season does not count in our contest.

The Special Bow/Crossbow/Muzzle Loader Contest will end at sundown the last day of that early season and will not include the December Hunt.

All entries must be received before store closing time (9pm) on the last day of General Hunt.  There will be no exceptions! Therefore, DONT WAIT until the last afternoon or evening to get your big buck because you may not be able to get it to Hnatiuk’s prior to 9pm!

The General Hunt Contest will include the use of rifles, bow, crossbow, shotgun and muzzle loaders. Bow kills during the general hunt season will be registered in the general hunt season contest.

All deer entered in the contest will be scored on the Boone and Crocket gross score method. In other words, there are no deductions (as is normally done in B&C scoring) in scoring for this contest.

Any animal registered for the contest must be tagged with a legal tag.



Join the Hnatiuk’s Bear Draw!

You could win $100!
Send in a picture of you and your 2016 Nova Scotia Bear to: taxidermy@hnatiuks.com with your Name, Contact Info, and your story, (area of harvest, type of firearm used, distance of shot and type of bait used etc.)
We will post the picture of you and your bear on Hnatiuk’s Facebook Page!
When you send us your picture, your name and contact info will go into a draw for a $100 gift card!
When you bring your bear into Hnatiuk’s to be mounted you will get a second ticket placed in the $100 gift card draw for a second chance to win!
The draw will take place at Hnatiuk’s Annual Banquet in December of 2016!
Your story and picture will be posted on Hnatiuk’s Facebook Page, Personal Contact information will remain private.