Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold Clothing Spray - Hunt Dry Technology plus 12oz

Hnatiuk's Hunting & Fishing Ltd.

SKU: 30206

Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Gold Spray for Clothing and Boots

Wildlife Research Center® Scent Killer® Gold Spray offers all the benefits of Super Charged® Scent Killer Spray, enhanced for longer-lasting performance! Like the original, it helps smash human odor on contact. Even better, this ultra-premium formula keeps attacking scent for days after it dries. Beyond 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor in testing at Rutgers University.

  • Fights human scent on contact
  • Enhanced for longer-lasting performance
  • Attacking scent for days after it dries
  • Helps reduce odors; does not guarantee 100% odor elimination