CZ 550 Standard .308win

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CZ 550 Standard Description:

In short, the CZ 550 line of rifles represents a new diversified line of elegant, aesthetic and ergonomically designed firearms. Also, the rifles are provided with a compact trigger mechanism featuring a single-set trigger firmly connected to the barreled action. The trigger is a single stage trigger; the set-trigger can regulate trigger pull and trigger travel before and after discharge. The set-trigger can be easily dismantled without impairing its functional properties or adjustment of the single stage trigger mechanism. The CZ 550 rifles are provided with a two-position noiseless safety.


Key Features of This CZ 550 Standard:
  • Hammer forged steel barrels
  • Adjustable set trigger
  • Open sights
  • Ventilated rubber butt plate
  • A horizontal two-position safety