Remington Dog Chest Protectors #R1900


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The durable Nylon Chest Protector was designed to protect from scratches, cuts, and tenderness on tummies & chests when in the rough natural environment. The bright yellow & orange color also provides high visibility. Save those sensitive tummies with a Small, Medium or Large easily adjusts to fit your dog.

Easily boost your field dog's safety and comfort even in the thickest brush/cover. A Remington Dog Chest Protector outfits your dog in rugged - yet lightweight - protection from cuts, scratches, abrasions, and skin irritation caused by briars, thorns, and sharp branches he encounters while on the hunt. Best of all, the Remington Dog Chest Protector does not restrict your dog's movement.

Remington Dog Chest Protector Features 

  • Tough double nylon construction
  • Protects dog's underbelly
  • Highly visible orange/yellow colors
  • Velcro® brand fasteners for a snug custom fit
  • Does not inhibit dog's movement

Sizing Tip: Use the Sizing Guidelines below to determine the correct dog vest to order for your dog.

Small - 20-35 lbs.
Medium - 36-60 lbs.
Large - 61-85 lbs.