Traditions Wonderlube Patch & Bullet Lube #A1254


SKU: 28085

Traditions WonderLube 1000 Plus Lube 4 oz. jar Model #A1254

Our No. 1 choice when it comes to caring for any muzzleloader.  All-natural ingredients “season” the barrel interior, while significantly reducing fouling and corrosion. Comes in a handy 4 oz. jar.


Before Shooting: Wash all metal parts, inside and out, with hot water. Dry all parts. Thoroughly lube bore and metal parts with Wonderlube 1000 Plus, inside and out.


Shooting: Round Ball Use: Lube patches on both sides with thumb and forefinger. Use sparingly. Another method is to melt lube, dip patch and squeeze out excess lube. Conical Bullet Use: Fill grooves with lube.