Crossman Pellet Gun Resting Squirrel target #CSRT


SKU: 27747

No matter your shooting skill level, practice is the only way to develop greater accuracy and precision. Use the Crosman Resetting Target to improve the intensity and focus of your next shooting practice at the range. This unique target will help you to zero in on your goal and inch towards greater consistency shot by shot, while saving you from the annoying task of manually resetting the target after each shot. Use the Resetting Target for solo practice or to face off in a game against your friends for extra motivation! Don't forget eye protection and Crosman ammo!
  • Resetting Target helps you to practice shooting pellets with your air gun for improved accuracy and precision
  • Heavy duty steel construction stands up to use and abuse
  • Formulated to automatically reset, saving you the time of walking to manually reset target or pulling a cord
  • Target measures 1.5 in. tall
  • Use for solo practice or as a competition with friends and peers
  • Suitable for use with pellets only