Brunox Turbo Spray Can, 120ml


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BRUNOX® Gun Care spray is guaranteed to keep all types of firearms in perfect condition.


BRUNOX® Gun Care has a pleasant smell which makes the ritual of cleaning more pleasant. After using your gun BRUNOX® Gun Care should be applied both inside and out, any surplus should be wiped off with a clean rag. This preliminary coating of BRUNOX® Gun Care will be adequate to protect your  gun for at least 24 hours. You can then return to your  gun at a more convenient time, or even the next day, to give it a more thorough cleaning for long term protection.


Black powder shooters say that BRUNOX® Gun Care fully meets their demanding requirements. BRUNOX® Gun Care efficiently cleans, protects and preserves all black powder firearms.


BRUNOX® Gun Care has excellent penetration properties, it can be used to remove all residues (powder, lead, tombac, copper and nickel) without any problems. BRUNOX® Gun Care will not produce any harmful effects when used on varnish, leather, wood, rubber or plastic. Deposits of lead, copper, powder etc. inside the barrel can be loosened without any problems, in addition it displaces moisture and neutralises hand sweat. BRUNOX® Gun Care spray does not contain silicone, PTFE (teflon) or graphite and because of the unique formulation the product does not become resinous. BRUNOX® Gun Care spray has been tested on firearms used in very harsh conditions. Tests have been conducted on guns used in extremely hot sandy desert conditions, and have also been conducted on guns used in very cold conditions with temperatures down as low as -54 °C, any gun treated with BRUNOX® Gun Care spray worked perfectly in these conditions.


BRUNOX® Gun Care is used by top gun manufactures for the cleaning of the barrels of the firearms which they used on their own test ranges. Ammunition manufacturers have strict quality control, only a perfectly clean barrel can say how good the quality of the ammunition is. BRUNOX® Gun Care is used by RUAG Ammotec Thun, Fiocchi, Sellier & Bellot for these tests. RUAG Ammotec Thun say that not only do they get better cleaning results but using BRUNOX® Gun Care also saves time since fewer strokes of the cleaning brush are necessary and also fewer brushes are required. BRUNOX® Gun Care is a luxury product at an extremely affordable price, is efficient saving you both time and money.

Item number: BRU-TS120ML