Shotguns/Rifles: Tristar Viper Max 12ga 28" Max-5

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General Description: 3 ½” gas operated, semi-automatic shotgun that allows you to shoot light target loads to heavy waterfowl loads utilizing a two piston system. The Viper Max comes with a light and heavy load piston. Use light load piston for 2 ¾” shells, for other rounds use heavy load piston. Secondary piston can be stored in forearm for easy retrieval. The Viper Max comes with 4 Beretta® Mobil Chokes (SK, IC, M, F) as well as over molded rubber grips on the stock and forearm for added comfort. Newly developed recoil pad and swivel studs also included. Back by our Five Year Warranty.



  • Magazine Cut-off Action
  • Vent Rib w/ Matted Sight Plane
  • Fiber Optic Sight
  • 5 Round Magazine – Shot Plug Included
  • Quick Shot Plug Removal
  • Chrome-lined Chamber and Barrel
  • Swivel Studs
  • 4 Beretta® Mobil Chokes (SK, IC, M, F)
  • Reatree® Max-5HD Camo Pattern

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PLU: 27638