Federal Prem270 WSM 150gr Nosler Partition

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This 270 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) cartridge is from Federal’s Vital-Shok line of ammunition, and it features Nosler’s renowned Partition projectile. The bullet’s copper alloy jacket forms a literal wall within the bullet, separating (or partitioning, if you will) its core into two discrete portions. The rear section’s job is to retain the bullet’s weight and provide a platform upon which expansion can take place; It is strengthened by special crimp locks which prevent deformation under heavy pressure. The front section is exposed at the Partition’s tip, and along with the jacket’s thin mouth and contouring causes damaging energy release and ensuing wide mushrooming during impact, even at lower velocities.

This round is perfect for taking medium to large game at close to mid-range, a versatile and high quality selection for hunting. Federal’s own brass nicely accompanies so technologically advanced a bullet, and their non-corrosive primer and fast-burning propellant guarantee consistent downrange delivery.