Klarus: Agressive Strike Bezel


SKU: 25824

Klarus Aggressive Strike Bezel

The Klarus Strike Bezel transforms either the RS11 or the XT11 into a serious tactical flashlight adding 17mm of stainless steel to the front. This extended crenulated bezel is best for self-defense situations or breaking through glass. The extended bezel is machined from stainless steel and has a smooth finish for superb handling. The bezel is easily detachable and ensures a secure tight fit. This aggressive strike bezel is a must-have for any tactical application.

  • Tactical crenulated strike bezel easily attaches to your flashlight
  • Highly secure fit and detachable
  • CNC machined from 304 stainless steel billet and finished for smooth handling

  • Dimensions:
    • Width: .81" 20.88mm
    • Height: 1.37" 35mm
  • Net weight: .05 lbs. (25g)
  • For use with: XT11, XT11S RS11