Burt Coyote Replacement Lumenok Battery

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Lumenok replacement batteries can be used to repower your Lumenoks. They can be used in the following Lumenok models

the Lumenok Signature, the Lumenok GT, the Lumenok H, the Lumenok X and the Lumenok F


The Lumenok RB is a 2 pack of ( BR-435) replacement batteries for your Lumenoks.
Each Weighs 12 grains.

The Lumenok RBS (BR-425) is the Lumenok replacemant battery that comes standard in our Crossbow Lumenoks. It weighs 8 grains and can be substituted in our Lumenok Signature, GT and Lumenok H as a lighter weight alternative. A slight reduction in brightness will result.