Hornady 45 Cal .451 230 Gr FMJ-RN #45177


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Hornady 45 Cal 451 230 gr FMJ-RN Projectiles Overview

Hornady 45 Cal 451 230 gr FMJ-RN Projectiles;

A standard for target shooting applications,

Hornady FMJ handgun bullets have long stood the test of shooters everywhere.

Built with a rugged jacket, Hornady FMJ bullets are, and also will be the difference in performance.

Easily distorted, the thinly plated full metal jacket from other manufacturers is not as rugged,

and often breaks or separates when the bullet impacts the target.

Carefully designed and manufactured by Hornady, these FMJ bullets are to give superior functioning

in semi-automatic handguns, and they also deliver match-grade accuracy!