Hornady Sure-Loc Lock ring 6pk #044606


SKU: 22818

Hornady Sure-Loc Lock Ring Six Pack 044606 ensures you never wear out or damage the threads of your dies. The Hornady Die Lock Ring holds the ring securely in place by applying constant pressure across all the threads. Because it clamps around the whole die, This piece of gunsmith and reloading equipment won't damage the threads, unlike die rings that screw directly on to the threads. Wrench flats on this Hornady product allow you to remove and replace dies without worrying about your pliers ruining the lock rig. Hornady Sure-Loc Die Lock Rings 6-Pack lets you precisely adjust all standard 7/8" to 14" dies and accessories.

Specifications for Hornady Die Lock Rings:

Weight: 0.35lbs
Die Size: 7/8"-14"