Octane Revolver Dampener Black

Hnatiuk's Hunting & Fishing Ltd.

SKU: 21340

Multi-purpose dampener with proven vibration dampening design.

Tame your bow's vibration with Octane's Revolver Dampener.

Five individual weighted removable shock-cancelling chambers, arranged in a pentagonal pattern to make your bow more fun to shoot by reducing both hand shock and noise.

Use the Octane Dampener to fine tune the feel of your bow any way you like.

Lightweight design weighs just 48.2 grams or 1.7 oz and is only 2.54cm or 1in long.

  • Proven vibration dampening design
  • Multi-purpose dampener
  • 5 individual shock-cancelling chambers
  • Reduces both hand shock and noise
  • Lightweight, weighs just 48.2 grams or 1.7 oz
  • Compatible with most bow brands
  • Black colour finish

Octane. Fuel the hunt.