GT-3 Snaro 3" Gamelander Threaded Insert #SNARO-GT-3


SKU: 2004

Snaro Gamelander screw in bird point 3" diameter 8-32" threaded ferrule 295 grain for birds & small game. Also available in 6" diameter Uplander model.

The Snaro is great for shooting noxious avian pests like Indian Myna birds. If you want to reduce the impact of this exotic invader on our Australian native birds and animals, then a Snaro will do the job.

The ideal point for bird hunting. Delivers full impact with little flight resistance.

The Snaro Bird Point features wide wire loops to greatly increase the impact area and prevent arrow loss on the ground. These extra large looped arms wrap around prey upon impact to trap them and also keep bird point from burying too far into the ground.

Durable all steel construction and accurate and if the bird point catches in a tree, it is easy to retrieve.

Snaros fly consistently and are surprisingly accurate.

The ultimate challenge for any bowhunter is to take a game bird