Advanced Firearms Training Package, Apr – May – Jun 2019

$345.00 + HST

Advanced Firearms Training Package, Apr – May – Jun 2019

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Advanced Firearms Training Package

This package combines all three of our most popular advanced courses
into a single training package. Shooters have the option of signing up for
our Advanced Level 1 Pistol, NFA Holster Certification, and Advanced
Level 2 Pistol courses all in a single package at a much reduced price
over the cost of taking the courses individually. The package has been
designed so that shooters have sufficient time in between the courses to
practice their new skills and become proficient in them before taking the
next level course. The three courses will run in the order of Level 1,
Holster and then Level 2. The courses will be separated by one month.

Maximum 8 Students – $345.00 + HST

  • Advanced Level 1 Pistol :  April 15-16,  6-9pm
  • NFA Holster Certification:  May 13-15,  6-9pm
  • Advanced Level 2 Pistol:  Jun 17-18,  6-9pm


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