Interested in Shooting at Hnatiuk’s Gun Range?

Check out some of our great options!




Option “A”: $65.00+tax

No License Required!

Option A offers:

  • Professional supervision,
  • Your choice of a rental gun,
  • Eye and Ear Protection,
  • Safety Briefing,
  • Liability Insurance
  • Live Target Shooting,
  • One hour of shooting time on one lane,
  • Add a second person for an addition $15.00 (Max 2 persons per lane)
  • Add a second gun rental for $10.00 (Max 2 guns per lane)
  • (Ammunition sold separately)

Lanes must be booked online minimum 24 hours in advance!

Come in 20-30 minutes early!

Groups of 8 or more must book as a party! (See Option “D”)

Must be 18 or older, or accompanied by a legal guardian.

Due to health concerns, Hnatiuk’s does not allow pregnant women to shoot on our range.

Photo ID required!

Observers are $3.50 + Tax

Important: Due to safety regulations:

  • Ear defenders and proper eye protection must be worn!
  • No form of facial covering, mask or hoodie may be worn on the range,
  • For Non-English speaking guests, one translator is required for each lane booked.



Option “B”: $25.00+tax

Restricted PAL License Required!

Option “B” Includes:

  • Safety Briefing ($20.00 for first time visitors.)
  • Eye and Ear Protection,
  • Liability Insurance,
  • $10.00 gun rentals
  • One hour shooting time on one lane.
  • (Ammunition sold separately)
  • Photo ID required!
  • Lanes must be booked online minimum 24 hours in advance!

Calibers Allowed on our Range

All handgun Calibers are allowed on Hnatiuk’s Gun Range. The Following Long Rifle Calibers are allowed.






17 Hornet

17 Remington

17 Remington Fireball

204 Ruger

218 Bee

22 Hornet

221 Remington Fireball

222 Remington

5.56x45mm NATO

223 Remington

225 Winchester

22-250 Remington

220 Swift

223 Winchester Super Short Magnum

243 Winchester

243 Winchester Super Short Magnum

6mm Remington

250 Savage

257 Roberts

25-06 Remington

25 Winchester Super Short Magnum

6.5x55 mm Mauser

260 Remington

6.8 Remington SPC

7x57mm Mauser

7mm-08 Remington

30 Carbine

300 Whisper

7.62x39mm (SKS)

30 Remington AR


30-30 Winchester

300 Savage

308 Marlin Express

30-40 Krag

307 Winchester

32 Special

357 Magnum

44 Remington Magnum





Option “C” :

Become a Member!


Gold Membership: $268.00 Annually, Taxes included:

Must be holder of a Valid Restricted PAL!

  • Range access 9am-9pm Mon-Sat & 11am-5pm Sun & Holidays,
  • Allows unlimited range time in one-hour increments during “open” range hours (please book ahead online)
  • Be provided with $2,000,000 of liability insurance under the NFA
  • Complimentary (one) free guest per year. (Whom, if certified can use their own lane)
  • All guests (i.e. child, grandfather, friend etc.) who use the same lane with the member are only $15.00
  • Permission to use personal handguns
  • Complementary use of Safety Equipment
  • $2.00 off all Centerfire Ammunition to be used on our range (Must use factory ammo in rental guns)

No access during cleaning, maintenance, corporate renting and de-mining.


  • Must show valid RPAL & two additional pieces of identification – 1 other with photo
  • Must complete the safety briefing
  • Must sign ‘Waiver’ form
  • Must not be under any prohibition to handle firearms.
  • 3 Pieces of ID required!


Platinum Membership: $475.00 Annually, Taxes Included

Holder of a Valid Restricted PAL

Includes all the features of the Gold Package, plus:

  • One private instruction (1 hour) with certified Instructor. (By appointment)
  • Firing lane Reservation Privileges up to two lanes per visit (24 hr. notice, Book Online)
  • Complimentary one free guest every visit. (Whom, if certified can use their own lane)
  • 24 hour access to firing range, (Effective after ‘Range Officer’ Certified & Pass Hnatiuk’s screening interview (two viable references will also be required)


  • Must show PAL & two additional pieces of identification – 1 other with photo
  • Must complete the safety briefing
  • Must sign ‘Waiver’ form
  • Must not be under any prohibition to handle firearms
  • Must use factory ammo in rental guns
  • $2.00 off Centerfire ammunition used on our range!
  • 3 Pieces of ID required!

No access during cleaning, maintenance, corporate renting and de-mining.

Note: No guest allowed after normal operating hours unless an email (letter) application is requested to the Club President and approved prior to the event.





Option “D”

Book Your Party!

Minimum 8 Guests.
$99+Tax Per Person | $85+Tax (No food or prizes)

The Shooting Party!

  • Corporate Events
  • Entertaining Clients
  • Staff Parties
  • Team Building
  • Birthdays
  • Stag/Stagette


2 Hour Range Party:

  • gathering in Hnatiuk’s comfortable Club Lounge with Refreshments and snacks
  • your group is then given a Firearms Safety Briefing
  • signing of the waivers
  • guests will be introduced to the Range Safety Officer who escort the group to the firing range for the shooting experience
  • larger groups only half will proceed to the range at a time, those waiting will be able to view live (on 48″ lounge monitors) their comrades shooting in the range below while continuing to enjoy the refreshments and snacks
  • for added fun a little competition is added to the experience and will be explained before shooting


2 Hour Booking Includes:

  • Safety Briefing One-on-One with Safety Officerhnatiuks-parties
  • Supervision
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Liability Insurance
  • Competition $100 in prizes
  • Order of Fire – Explained

Choose your SNACKS & FIREARM Package and we’ll do the rest!


Range Hours
Monday – Saturday
9:00AM – 8:00PM
11:00AM - 5:00PM

Hnatiuks Gun Range
1111 HWY #2, Lantz,
Nova Scotia,
B2S 1M9, Canada
Phone: (902) 883-8890

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